• 3 SEO Predictions for 2016

    Local SEO Will dominate

    As we all know local SEO has always been very important, but it will dominate in 2016. As competition grows day after day, going local will help your company to find your audience in a more efficient and faster way. So my tip here is to make sure you are ready by staying on top (#1) of your local SEO with up-to-date GMB & Google Maps information. And don’t forget to keep it visually pretty too. Make your clients fall in love with your brand. 

    SEO & Digital Marketing on the same page. 

    Recently I wrote an article where I describe SEO as a ‘Very efficient Marketing Method’. The way people describe SEO has changed in recent times, and that’s because SEO and Digital Marketing, are now more than ever, working together. So let’s think this way: What would happen if your website is SEO optimised but it still has a very poor content? Or even worse, it has duplicated/copied content? Google would definitely penalise your website and it would be very hard to revert that situation. Nowadays a good SEO campaign it’s not just about making your website SEO friendly anymore, it has to incorporate social media elements, to help build organic links and to work on building up your brand to your clients. 

    Mobile Will Still be Very Popular

    Ok, you don’t need to be a genius to know that in 2016 people will still love their smartphones and tablets. Mobile devices have officially overtaken desktops as the most popular way to get online (the new ULTRA-TECH is coming guys). Some speculators/SEO Consultants/Companies says that this is set to continue even more so, which is why it’s very important to make sure your website is mobile friendly. (I still see a lot of companies with non mobile friendly websites, which is CRAZY!).
    If you are not sure about this one, just head over to Google Mobile-Friendly Test and check how friendly your website is. If you get a message saying ‘Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly’ well done! Although if you get a warning message, don’t panic and contact DMELSEO and we will help you out with your website.