• 6 Ways to spot an SEO scam and how to prevent it.

    You have probably come across SEO scammers offering you the world. They usually offer quick results, top ranking in 48 hours, thousands of backlinks to your website and free trials. I run a marketing firm myself and I get at least 3 e-mails a day from people all over the world offering me “great” SEO services. 

  • In this article we will show you how to spot an SEO scam and how to prevent it. Shall we begin? 

    1# Free Trial

    This one is very simple to understand, if you have a good service to offer, why would you give it away for free?  SEO is a very complex and tedious job and it takes many hours of work to start getting results, so if someone says they will do it for FREE, don’t trust them! 

    All they want to do is to get access to your Cpanel and WordPress account so they can in some way steal your bank and credit card details. 

    2# Ninja SEO techniques to get your site ranking (Black Hat)

    I see this one quite a lot around the internet, companies and SEO consultants offering magic ways to get your site ranking faster and higher in the search engine sites. Well let me tell you this, there are no shortcuts or magic potions for SEO. Black hat may work for some people but the chances that you will get your site penalised by Google are very high, so DON’T DO IT. 

    #3 We will get your site ranking in 48hrs

    This one is my favourite scam, and by favourite I mean the one that makes me laugh the most! 

    In SEO the only thing you can get done in 48 hours is the keyword research for your client and that’s it. Ranking a website is a long and slow process that requires a lot of studying and it can take months to get the desired result. 

    #4 Underpriced SEO services

    Don’t hire your SEO consultant agency through websites such as Elance, Upwork, freelancer.com. You may find good consultants and agencies there but it’s more likely that they will be rubbish.

    Again, SEO is very complex and takes a lot of time to do it properly. You're much better off finding out how to do it yourself, rather than paying some "SEO specialist" who declares that he can do it for a ridiculously low cost.

    #5 We will get THOUSANDS of backlinks to your site 

    Google is updating it’s algorithm constantly and they have already said that having backlinks from spammy websites will definitely get your site penalised. 

    When hiring an SEO agency ask them what their methods are for building backlinks, if they try to hide that information from you that’s a pretty clear sign that you shouldn’t trust them.

    *Always choose quality over quantity!

    #6 We know how algorithm works

    You’ve probably come across many “EXPERTS” claiming that they know how Google algorithms works, well that’s a big, fat LIE. Nobody fully understands how Google algorithm works, especially now with PENGUIN. 

    How to prevent an SEO SCAM?

    Always check the reputation of the company, read their reviews (not only the ones they have on their website), look for what their customers have to say about them on Facebook, Google, TrustPilot, Yelp etc…

    You can always ask for their past work and check yourself if they are good or not.

    Don’t be afraid to ask how they do their work, if they are serious about what they do they will definitely tell you how the process, to get your site ranking, works. 

    Here are a couple good sites that will help you to spot a SCAMMER:

    • Test their website with Nibbler
    • SimilarWeb will give you a full report of their website
    • ScamAdviser to check how reliable they are. 

    I hope this article helps you with your hunt for the right SEO company for your business. Good luck!