• 7 Tips to Design an Awesome Twitter Cover & Profile Photo (2016 Version)

    Hello everyone! 

    So here we are with the 2nd post from the social media templates series, if you missed the first post you can check it out here: Facebook Cover Photos Do's and Don'ts in 2016.

    So today we are going to talk about Twitter, in this post we will give you some great tips and show you how to design an AWESOME cover & profile photo that will help you with your engagement and increase your followers. 

  • We already said here that having a good Social Media Marketing strategy is vital for your business to succeed. Now the real question is - Do you want to increase your online presence? Did you know that you can use Twitter to increase your sales? 

    If you look at chart below you'll see how important Twitter is and how it can help you to achieve your company goals. 

    Source: U.S. population who are aware of Twitter 2008-2016

  • In our previous article about Facebook we said that your cover photo tells a lot about your company, well it’s the same on Twitter.

    1) Add a cover photo

    “Doh! of course I will add a photo” This one seems a bit stupid I know, but I’ve seen a lot of small-medium sized companies on Twitter, with over 2-5k followers and with no cover photo. I don’t know, maybe they just forgot to add a photo back in the 90’s when they set up their profile. Who knows? 

    So our first tip is: Do not miss the cover photo (don’t panic! we will show you how to do it)

  • 2) Make sure you have the right dimensions (2016)

    According to Twitter cover & profile photo guidelines, your pictures must be: 

    • Header photo (recommended dimensions are 1500x500 pixels)
    • Profile photo (recommended dimensions are 400x400 pixels)
    • Supported file formats: JPG, GIF, or PNG. (Twitter does not support animated GIFs for profile or header images.)
  • As you know we like to make our readers life easier, so we have designed a template (with the correct dimensions) that you can download by clicking on the link below:
    Twitter Cover Photo Template 2016 (PSD + PNG)

    3) Be creative! Prioritise images over text.

    You have probably heard that saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, well, it’s 100% true, so keep it clean & simple.

  • I know you want to add every single detail of your company on the cover photo, but please contain yourself. 

    Not even a short tagline? You may ask. Well, Twitter is facing the same ‘compressing’ issue as Facebook, so even if your image follows all their guidelines, it will end up being compressed when you upload it. So it may look something like the image below.

  • 4) Don’t use an image just for the sake of it, especially on the web.

    The images you share on your social media should always have a purpose. So our tip here is try to avoid generic pictures, people can smell them a mile away. Always make sure that you’re not using an image just for the sake of it.

  • 6) Look for images that really pop.

    We all know that colour appeals to our senses. Try to keep your cover photos bright and vivid. Bright images excite the eye and help keep them moving, which keeps the viewer interested.

  • 7) Don’t limit your creativity only to photographs.

    We are living in a highly visual era, this doesn’t limit ourselves only to photographs. If applicable to your business you can use icons, typographic and illustrations to supplement your brand.

  • That's it for now folks, I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any suggestions or questions, use the form below and leave us a message.