• 8 Examples of Amazing Landing Pages

    Creating an A+ landing page can be difficult. There are numerous components that a superior landing page requires, and making those components the "finest" they can be typically depends upon exactly what your landing page objectives are.

    It’s valuable to understand exactly what goes into a terrific landing page and see a couple of examples of these in action. Remarkably, when I began researching into the latter, I understood there aren’t many websites out there with examples of modern-day, outstanding landing pages that are more than simply a sign-up type on a homepage.  

    These examples have a few of the very best elements of landing page components I have actually ever seen. Clearly, if you feel motivated to attempt any of these methods by yourself, the only method to understand whether they’ll work for you is by checking them.

    1) WebDAM

    Most of the landing pages nowadays are very colourful and modern. They try to grab the visitors attention using different design techniques, such as parallax scrolling, hamburger menu, etc...and I personally love that, but that doesn't mean that the simple and clean design are not effective anymore. 

    When you look at WebDam's landing page, it doesn't have any of these trendy design and that's why it WORKS for me. The little icons in front of the text are all a sign of the details you are required to enter-- simply look at the icons next to "First Name" and "Last Name”, I love the way they used the light blue to show that the top icon represents "First Name" and the one underneath represents "Last Name", it's brilliant.

  • 2) Plated

    Plated did something really spectacular with their landing page. It begins with a great title "OPEN THE DOOR TO a new kind of dinner" and an amazing picture on the background to illustrate what Plated is all about. A piece of advice for you, don't scroll down if you haven't had dinner / lunch yet, it will just make your mouth water!

    The "How It Works" section with it's illustrated icons is another master piece and this is what I like about Plated website, it's not just another WordPress theme. Everything in this website is very well executed, from the fonts to the images. 

    The middle section of the website is also great, you will find more great icons and awesome pictures. Even the footer of the landing page is brilliant, there is absolutely nothing that I don't like about this website. Well done! 

  • 3) Harvest

    What I really like about Harvest landing page is the colour palette. The orange / white / grey are very bright and look great together, so it's easy to get the visitors attention. I also like the way they have the "Try Harvest Free" button at very beginning of the page. People love free stuff, specially if it's a Free Trial for a great application. 

    Another great feature is when you click on the "Watch the short film" button, instead of opening a new frame / window with the video, it starts playing on the background, where the picture is. 

    The middle-section of the landing page is also great. It's clean, which makes it easier for the visitors to read each frame. The "Time tracking is just the beginning…" section is pretty good too, I love what they did with the icons too. 

  • 4) Geniac

    The first thing that caught my attention when I landed on Geniac's landing page are the images. They used the main banner area to feature images of their HAPPY CLIENTS, which I think is brilliant. It's a great way to show to potential customers that they provide a good service, and you will know that just by looking at the pictures and reading the short testimonial. 

    Their landing page is really clean and easy to read. This is another great example of modern icons that really catch the visitors eye. Another great aspect of the landing page is that when you refresh the page, there is a new picture of a new happy customer, it gives us the impression that the company really takes the time to know their customers. 

  • 5) Flint

    Flint's landing page is beautifully designed and very modern. This is a great example of a techy landing page, done right! It's clean and sharp but also makes use of nice images to make it more appealing.

    I also found it interesting the way they added the "Play" button to the picture of the mobile phone. If you click on this button, a new window pops up and an institutional video starts to play. This feature makes the landing page more dynamic and interactive, which is exactly what you want!

  • 6) Appbase.io

    Appbase.io is a Brazilian startup and it is another brilliant example of a well designed and modern landing page. Personally, I always appreciate when a website comes up with something new, that isn't generic or on every other landing page. This is what you get on the Appbase.io landing page. 

  • 7) Twilio

    This is one of my favourite landing pages at the moment. The minute I saw it, I fell in love! 

    There's nothing particularly different about it BUT I feel like the colours, the layout, the icons all work really well together to create an eye-catching and sharp landing page. Plus, they show all the necessary information a visitor to the website wants to see. 

    The "Signal 2016 Highlights" section of the landing page, is beautifully done. I love the red and dark blue background with the white frames which adds movement to the page. The icons seem to complement the pattern on the background really nicely too.

  • 8) RuuviTag

    So, we saved the best for last, in this blog article. Before reading about this landing page, go to the website and appreciate the truly creative and innovative landing page.

    It's a one page layout system, the left-hand side of the page stays static and you can scroll down on the right-hand side of the page. This is a very new feature of a landing page and really works for this particular type of business. RuuviTag's landing page is a bit different from the other ones in this article as RuuviTag is still seeking funding through Kickstarter.com. Even though they are still at the beginning stage, you can say that they've had a really great start.

    Check it out!



    Artmakerz is a Digital Creative agency that delivers services in North America and Europe as well. They have just launched their new landing page and it looks pretty good. It's a very sharp and clean website, I also like the way they mix 'corporate & creative images' throughout the page. Well done to the team. 

  • One last tip, having a well-designed website is definitely in our top 3 of things to do if you want to attract people to your site, but don't forget about SEO, having an optimized website is the KEY to attract more visitors to your page and increase conversions.

    I really hope that you find this article useful and inspirational for your own website's landing page. If you did find this useful, why not share it? Please feel free to leave your comments below, we are always eager to hear from our followers!