• Turn Customer Reviews Into Your Secret Weapon!

    The reviews by the customers are the real asset of online stores. Almost 71% of the customers will read the reviews and influence their decision of buying through a specific store over another. It is more likely that customers will buy a product if it has more reviews that are positive.

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    So here are 15 ways that will help you to boost your sales through customer reviews:

  • #1 Highlight the reviews
    It is important that you highlight the reviews that your customers have left on your site. Keep in mind that a single review will enhance the value of your store up to 10% and 100 reviews can increase it up to 80%. So be confident in showing your visitors the positive reviews that your products have scored by emphasizing them on the homepage.

  • #2 Integration of customer reviews with all media.
    Coordinate customer review into all media that you use for advertising, such as banner ads, newsletters and much more.
    For instance, in case you are sending a newsletter to prospects, client reviews can help potential customers become more loyal to your organization and give them confidence in your online store. In order to build your sales rate, you can present your previous reviews and testimonials to the potential customers. 

    #3 Make sure you have a review tab on your Facebook page. 
    Facebook is the most utilized social media network. Millions of users have Facebook and thus your customers should too. Therefore, it will be beneficial that you add a review tab on your business page. This will allow the customers to share their thoughts and experience about your store and products. Having a good review rate on Facebook will definitely drive more traffic to your website.

  • #4 Place the customer's reviews on Google My Business
    It is obvious that online buyers will begin their shopping by using Google. So it will be beneficial to your business if you place your customer reviews on Google as well. So make sure that you display your star ratings, as it will help you to enhance the visibility of your brand. It should also help you to stand out amongst your competitors.

  • #5 Manage the negative reviews.
    You cannot satisfy everyone and there may be times that some of the unhappy customers leave a negative review. So, you have to make sure that you manage the negative comments properly otherwise, it will have a negative impact on your business. Make sure that you do not hide all of your negative reviews because other customers will think that the positive ones are fake. You can learn more about how to manage negative reviews here.

    #6 Use the same social media sites as your customers.
    In order to get positive feedback, it is important that you have the right social media presence. Make sure that you have your business pages on all the social media sites that your customers use. Don't forget to make your pages accessible to your customers so it is convenient for them to leave a review.

  • #7 Remain in contact with buyers.
    As soon as the visitor buys a product from your site make sure that you send them an email. This will help you to gain the positive review about your services and products because the customer will feel like their opinion matters. Make sure that you remove all the resistance between you asking for a review and then posting it on your social media sites.  

    #8 Ask the right questions.
    If you want some meaningful and relevant customer reviews then you must ask the right questions. Know the answers that you are looking for, use these answers to establish the appropriate questions. You can also ask the customers about their experience, why the made the purchase and what are the problems they faced during the buying process. This will allow you to improve your services as well.

    #9 Contact the customers that leave the best reviews.
    If one of your customers has left an outstanding review on your website or the social media page it is important that you thank them. Not only that make sure that you post this review on your site after asking for their permission. 

  • #10 React to the negative review in a POSITIVE way.
    It is important that you contact those customers that are unhappy with your products and services. The negative review is not going to be removed so make sure to ask them about the issues.

    Once you have addressed the issue see how you can resolve the issues to transform a bad review into a good review. Of course, this is not always possible but it is important that the customer feels heard.

    #11 Motivate your customers to leave a review.
    Use simple and attractive tricks that will make your customers come and review. You can write special thank you note that will convey a positive gesture and thus will increase your chances of having a positive review.

    #12 Mention the name and picture of the customer when posting the review.
    This is the best way to prove that your reviews are authentic by displaying the names and pictures of the customers. It will also be a positive gesture and a way of thanking your customers for their thoughts about your products.

  • #13 Reward the customers who review your products / services.
    For all those customers that leave a review surprise them with small discount coupon. This will not only make them happy but they will turn into loyal customers that may leave a positive review after future purchases.

    #14 Have a contest.
    The best ways to market your business and make the customers feel like they are important is to run several contests on special occasions. *TIP* Ask your customers to post several hashtags or share the images about the contests. 

    #15 Is there a problem? Offer the solution.
    Whenever you get a negative review, it is important that you reply with a solution to the customer. It is important that you show the customer that you will resolve the problem because it will create a positive image of your brand. 

    Let's wrap it up!
    So now, get ready to use all these 15 effective tips to enhance your visibility online by showing the world that your customers are happy with your product and services through the customer reviews.

    In order to gain the attention of the customers, posting 4 to 6 reviews should be enough. Make sure that you provide your customers with the best customer experience because that is the only way to win their hearts. Publish a customer review that is verified and genuine.  


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