• Facebook Cover Photos Do's and Don'ts in 2016

    Article Updated *November 25th*

    Hello folks! So today we are going to talk about how important it is for your business to have a decent & attractive cover image on your company’s facebook page. 

    I believe that a cover picture tells a lot about a company, I’ve seen cases where people decided not to buy a product or service because the company didn’t have a ‘good looking’ facebook page.

    When people look at your facebook page (desktop or mobile) the 1st thing they see is your cover picture, it’s the most obvious part of your page and it’s vital that you follow facebook’s guidelines.

    Find Below the most updated dimensions for Facebook's Cover Photo, Profile Picture, and Shared Link.

  • This article will show you the do’s and don'ts and hopefully it will help you to make an incredible cover picture for your company’s page.

    Here are some basics for Your Facebook Cover Image.

    Do follow Facebook's cover image standards.

    Before making your facebook cover image I highly recommend you to read the Facebook Pages TermsIf you violate Facebook’s terms they can take action against your page, I honestly have never met someone that had their page taken down for not following Facebook’s terms. It can happen, though, so be careful and read the terms.  

    Your Facebook cover picture has to be 828x315px 

    Facebook, as many other social media sites has an image size guideline and you must follow it, otherwise your pictures will look weird and pixelated when you upload them onto Facebook. So make sure you have the correct dimensions when designing your cover image. 

    To make your life a bit easier we have designed a template that you can download by clicking here: Facebook New Cover Size for 2016 *November* (PSD + PNG)

  • Keep it simple & clean! 

    Remember at the beginning of this article we said that ‘your cover picture tells a lot about your company?’ Well, think of your cover picture as a book cover, you may deny it but you have at least once judged a book by it’s cover and that’s what people do when visiting your Facebook page. 

    They will judge your company by your cover picture, so if you have a poor quality cover picture, you may want to consider getting a new one.

  • The ’20% text rule’ doesn’t apply to cover pictures. 

    You have probably heard about the “20% text rule” on Facebook and you may think that this rule applies for the cover pictures as well. The good news is that you are wrong! Unless you are still living in 2013, if that’s the case you are ‘correcto’  

    However, my friends that doesn’t really mean you should go crazy and use 100% of you image area to add all the information you can fit in. It just doesn’t look nice and your visitors will get confused. As we said in the previous topic, your image will be far more appealing and interesting if you keep it simple and clean.

  • Be aware of your visible area. 

  • There's an area of your cover image that will not appear unless you click on it to see it in full-size. 

    If you look at the image above you will see that the “Page Name” + “Description” + “Buttons” covers at least 10% of the cover picture.  

    So keep in mind that the bottom area of your Facebook cover photo is pretty much useless, so don’t put any important information there. If you are still not sure about what area will be hidden you can simply download our facebook cover picture template here. 

    Play around with the visible area of your cover image.

    This is one of the most basic rules in graphic design, always keep the balance in your designs (it was very hard not to use a Star Wars reference here, dammit! I just did...)

    As you know (if you don’t, you SHOULD) the profile picture is on the left, so you might include some balance to your Facebook cover picture by having some graphic / image on the other side.

    Take a look at the cover photo below:

  • Having the bottles of beer on the right + the text in the middle gives more balance to the image. 

    Maybe the image above is not the best example as I think they should have aligned the text in the middle to give more balance on the left, but that’s alright, you still got my point. 

    Think responsive! Don’t forget about the mobile users.  

    It was reported earlier this year that over half of Facebook users (54.2%) access the social media network through mobile phones. So think about this when designing your next Facebook cover picture. 

  • It can be a bit annoying as it may limit your creativity to a small area but you know what? That’s just another way that you can prove to your visitors that you have an awesome cover picture.

    Link your cover image to your website or landing page. 

    This is another marketing trick that will help you to understand a bit more about your customer's behavior on your Facebook page. Make sure that you have a shortened link added onto your description, pointing to your website or a landing page, this way you can track how many clicks you had through your link on your cover image.

  • Well I think that’s it for today guys, I hope you enjoyed this article and I really hope that from now on you will be able to design better and incredible cover pictures for your facebook pages. 

    This is just the first article of our new ‘How to boost your social media in 2016’ series.  

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