• Reach the top of the Google listings with these #12 Great Tips!

    Business and culture have been completely transformed by the internet. Thus, we can say we are living in the golden age of technology. You can search your required information using the search engine as well as get the path you need to follow to accomplish your goals.

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  • In order to make the searching process easy Google has introduced My Business listing for those who want to search for particular destinations or points. This is the reason why utilizing this service has become so important. Therefore, we have decided to provide you with a few tips that will allow business owners to optimize their Google My Business Listing.

    #1 Keep the contact details accurate
    When optimizing you Google Listings, you have to make sure that you accurately follow the location verification process. After that within the duration of 1 to 2 weeks, a postcard will be sent to the business address with a unique five-digit code. At this point, you should remove any duplicate locations that might be present.

    It is essential that you provide your customers with:

    • the accurate address
    • your contact details including the contact number and the URL of the website
    • the business hours
  • #2 Make sure you add the complete business information 
    In order to create the Meta description about your business all you have to do is go to the about menu on the Google+ page for your business. Now add a creative tagline with the introduction of the business, do not forget to add the selected keywords. 

    Make sure that the story you add is attractive and engages with the customers. To make it attractive you can add headers and bullet points. Keep the paragraphs updated and short.

    #3 Choose the right category for your business
    In order to make it easy for the customers to find you, make sure to effectively categorize your business. For example, if you have a web-designing website you must introduce it in that specific category. It will help you to stand out among all other types of business categories. 

  • #4 Update your content regularly 
    It is important that you update your Google+ page every week so that google will index your business higher in the search engines. You can do it by creating unique content and uploading it on G+ as well as share the content of other social media sites in order to create brand awareness. 

    #5 To empower your message, add videos and photos 
    It is important that you show people what the products are and services that you are providing. In order to do that, you can add several photos on your Google+ account. The kinds of photos that you can upload are:

    • a profile photo
    • a picture of the business logo
    • a cover photo

    Apart from that, do not forget to add photos or videos of the interior and exterior of your commercial building. If you have a food outlet, you could also upload the images of the menu, food and beverages on offer. Or, to really stand out you could add animated GIF's to make your message even stronger and relatable. 

  • #6 Optimize the posts
    The initial 45-50 characters of your Google+ posts ought to contain special keywords as they turn into that post page titles in the search results of Google. Post consistently; incorporate well-known hashtags and attempt to attach your posts with photographs, industry news, events in your local area, representative or deal declarations or posts that answer questions asked by your clients. Additionally, you can add small videos with the post and the keywords to make it more attractive. 

    #7 Claim the custom URL of your page
    In the event that you have set up your Google+ page for more than 30 days and you have a profile photograph and more than 10 supporters or followers. So now, you can have a custom URL that matches your image. This custom URL will make it much simpler to be found and shared on the search results of google.

    #8 Build the link section of your page 
    Each Google+ page gives you the chance to add links to your business in the link segment. You could add the link to your site, your blog, your online networking pages or any page you need to direct people to and from.

    #9 Link the website to the Google+ page
    To link the website with the google+ page all you have to do is:

    • Firstly, check your site in the Search Console. 
    • At that point, interface your Google+ page to your site by means of using Google+ Settings and permit your Google+ page to show up in the right half of list items and give an inbound connection to your site. 
    • Show your social media appearance to the customers by linking your website to Google+ 
  • #10 Invite your customers to review your page
    One of the ideal approaches to enhance the visibility of your business and prevalence is with the ranking features that benefits both clients and organizations. 

    By getting your loyal customers to give good reviews it could help to improve your ranking on Google. Furthermore, positive surveys from trusted sources will improve the probability of a potential client going to your business.

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    #11 Engage with your customers
    Begin adding individuals that are relevant to your business to your circles and they will more than likely follow you in return. Adding individuals to your circles, following several associations will provide your business website with more visibility and trigger the sharing of your posts. Make sure that you join the people page of Google+ as well.  

    #12 Measure you actions
    Since you have had your Google+ posting and business page set up and enhanced, you have to keep track of your Google+ achievements. Check your Google My Business Insights and Google Analytics to see if any of your posts have brought about transformations.