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  • What Is Reputation Management?

    Reputation Marketing has evolved from the marriage of Reputation Management and Brand Marketing. We help you build a five-star reputation, and then market your reputation to win more customers

    Video marketing stats reveal that 96% of consumers find video helpful when purchasing online, 58% consider companies that produce video content to be more trustworthy, and  71% say that videos leave a positive impression of a company.

  • Customer Review Commercials
  • By combining reputation marketing and video marketing, we use “Customer Review Commercials” to position you as a market leader. These Review Commercials help overcome existing problems with Social Media Marketing, Brand Marketing, SEO Marketing, Video Marketing and Reputation Management.

    68% of people surveyed said if they were in the market, after watching a review commercial, they would consider contacting the company!

    63% of those surveyed said they would consider referring the business to a friend who required that service!

    Each eye-catching commercial lasts between 45 and 60 seconds and is produced in a state of the art studio using professional spokes models. Potential customers will view your business as more trustworthy, and therefore will be more likely to contact you before your competitors.

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  • Online marketing strategies are changing fast to give companies all over the world with a five-star reputation a massive advantage. A quick search by your customers on Google reveals the companies that have outstanding reputations. If you don’t have reviews online, or even worse, if you have poor ones, customers will gravitate to your competitor's websites who do have five-star reputations.

    Some Interesting Facts About How People Behave Online:

    72% of buyers trust reviews
    as much as personal recommendations.

    87% of people surveyed confirmed that they search online to find out information on a company having been referred by a friend or family member.