• Reputation Marketing: 3 techniques to protect  your business. 

    #1. Keep in touch with your clients and always ask for reviews. 

    This is one of most basic Marketing techniques and there are still a lot of business managers that simply ignore it. It is extremely important that you keep your clients very close to you. Forget for a moment about those expensive advertising campaigns and think about this - how can you get your target audience to know that you have a good service / product and that they can trust you? - 

    What about asking your customers for positive reviews? We are talking about real customers here, the ones that actually bought your services/products and want to share with other people what they think about your company. 

    No matter how good your services or products are, eventually you will get a couple of bad reviews and that’s totally fine. It shows that your company is real. So the question here is ‘what to do when you get a bad review, should I ignore it or delete it?’, and the answers is - You can’t stop people from writing bad reviews - That wouldn't be ethical and that’s not what you want.

    So what to do when you start getting bad reviews? This leads us to our technique #2.

    #2. How to deal with bad reviews.

    Our first and most valuable tip is: 

    Don’t ever start an argument with your customer online. If you look at what some popular brands do, you will see that they all use the same strategy to deal with bad reviews. They know that a lot of people are watching too see how they will handle with a ‘bad review situation’.

    If you look at the image below, you will see a great example of what we are talking about:

  • This was a recent bad review that a customer left on Samsung Mobile page on Facebook. 

    1st action: Bad review from customer

    2nd action: Response from Samsung 

    How did they deal with the bad review:

    • They didn’t admit any guilt 
    • They asked straight away for a ref. number
    • They asked the customer to leave a private message with the ref. number, so they can go from there and not keep the discussion ‘online’ 

    There are still a couple other replies from the customer that insisted on having the discussion online but in all the replies from Samsung they tried to deal with it ‘offline’, through private messages. 

    So our tip is, it doesn’t matter what size your company is, always have a professional to manage your social media for you. If you insist on doing it yourself, always remember to deal with a complaining customer offline, they may start the conversation online but always move the conversation offline.

    #3. If you can’t handle the situation, ask for help.

    How you deal with a brand reputation issue can make your company more respected or it can simply destroy your business. You need to be quick and be always prepared for the worst to happen. People love complaining about everything on social media, and the impact that a bad review can have in your business is disturbing. 

    I have bad reputation story I want to share with you guys, I was recently browsing my friend’s business on Google, and to my surprise the #1 page was a bad review about his business. It was a WordPress website saying a lot of bad stuff about the CEO and the company as well. 

    Later he found out that the site was set up by his ex-partner and it was ranking #1 for at least 3 months, now can you guys imagine how bad that was for his business? How many clients he may have lost because of that bad review. 

    He could have avoided that very easily just by hiring someone to monitor his brand, it didn’t even have to be a daily thing. 

    So our final tip for you is: If you don’t know how to do it or don’t have the time do it, hire a professional that can watch and monitor your brand for you. 

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