• Why Should I have a Mobile Friendly Website?

    As we all know mobile devices have officially overtaken desktops as the most popular way to browse online. People love their smartphones and tablets, and so do you.

    If I was to bet I would say you are reading this article on your smartphone. And it looks great doesn’t? That’s because here at DMELSEO we care about how your website looks online, it’s not just about the design, it’s also about having a great UX / UI, so your clients will spend more time on your website. It is known that 57% of mobile users will leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load (Bounce Rate) and that’s not good for your business, you don’t want to lose sales because your website is taking too long to load do you?

    Unfortunately the amount of websites that are still not optimised for mobile experience is pretty high, so if you really want your business to stand out and succeed online, make sure you have a mobile friendly website.

    Here are some reasons why having a mobile friendly website is so important:

    You don’t need to be an expert to know that people use their mobile devices for almost everything, if they need to know where the closest Web Design Agency is, they just need to type in on Google ‘Web Design Agency + my area’ and that’s it. The magic happens in less than 1 second. Smartphone and Tablet users are engaging with websites and apps while watching TV, going to work, and even while using a computer.

    Mobile Users Don’t Like to Wait:
    They look for easy and fast information. It is known that mobile users spend 50% more money than desktop users. So my question for you is: Are you sure you don’t want to spend some time and make your website mobile friendly, so you won’t lose that extra 50% in sales?

    Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate:
    You may not know but reducing your website bounce rate will definitely increase your online sales. But first, let me quickly explain what bounce rate means. Just imagine that you are in town looking for a nice restaurant to have lunch, so you walk into this place and it looks a mess and filthy. You would probably leave straight away without even looking at the menu. 

    In the digital world that happens all the time and that’s what they call Bounce Rate. If your website has poor content, takes too long to load or looks a mess, I’m sorry to give you the bad news but it’s almost certain that your bounce rate is very high.

    If you are asking yourself one of these questions:

    • Is my website mobile friendly?
    • What is my site’s bounce rate?
    • Should I give up on the online business and become a farmer?

    It means that you finally got how important it is to have an optimised website for mobile devices and you are ready to take it the next step:

    Pick up a smartphone and head over to your website and ask yourself the following question:


  • If you answered "no" to at least 3 questions, then it's time to optimize your website. If you have any comments or questions on this story, please comment below.